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I've been a fan of Smallville since Season 6. In 2007 I founded "Operation Save Clark Kent" a movement by Superman mythos fans who were disgusted by the Out of Character portrayal of Clark Kent on the series. Our mission was a success and the series is better than ever under the hands of Brian, Kelly, and Tom.

I've written lots of fanfiction for SMALLVILLE - all is Lois & Clark centric. I also have written essays and have made GOBS of fanart for the series!

I'm an avid Clois 'shipper and also founded Superverses - a fun fan forum where we talk about the mythic angles of the series (with Clois being in the foreground.) You can also chat about Supernatural, "V", and other Superman & Comic related topics on the boards.

Please enjoy the goodies that you find here in my Smallville area :)


Smallville Fanfiction Archive:


Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the CW/DC Comics/Warner Brothers or anyone else who intellectually owns Lois & Clark and the Smallville/Superman universes. I am only playing in their sandboxes. I am not profiting from these stories in any way. They ARE however, my stories. Please do not repost them anywhere else without coming to me first to ask for permission.



Lois and Clark Vignettes*Vignettes/One Shots*

Story Parameters Lois and Clark Vignettes Collection

Single shot stories that center on Lois & Clark and range in rating from G-PG-13

Description: Collection of unrelated vignettes/one shot posts about SV's Lois and Clark. Good reading for those of us who have attention span issues or if you don't have enough time to read a full story.


Redlust *Short Story*

Story ParametersREDLUST
Author: RedKryptonClark aka RKC_EB Story Details

Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Chloe Sullivan
Story Type: Action, Angst, Drama, Tension
Timeframe: Season 6
Rating: PG-13
Length: Short Story/ Novella - Complete

Story Synopsis: The death of a former Smallville High School girl leads Clark back into the seedy underbelly of Metropolis's fast paced and glitzy nightclub nightlife. On RedK to help with Chloe's investigation, Clark slowly loses himself as Kal takes over enticing Clark to forget his worries and live without consequences or worries.

A guilty and desperate Chloe recruits Lois into the lion’s den to retrieve their wayward friend and bring him back to the purpose at hand – to solve their former schoolmate's mysterious death.

Things don't go as planned.



Superman: Destiny Embraced *Novel*

Story Parameters Superman Destiny Embraced
Part 1 in a Trilogy Story Details

Author: RedKryptonClark aka RKC_EB aka Erika
Timeframe: Post Smallville
Story Type: Action, Angst, Drama, Tension
Characters: The usual suspects: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olson, Chloe, Martha Kent, Oliver Queen, JLA, and Lex Luther.
Rating: PG-13
Previous Story: REDLUST Could be considered a Prequel of sorts
Length:  Novel - Complete

Summary: Clark Kent has returned from his training and begins his duel life as mild mannered reporter and superhero.

Story is loosely based on the script of the original Superman: The Movie script, however it will contain cast and characters created from SMALLVILLE in the leads with situations that are based off of SMALLVILLE as the origins. Characters will be vastly different in their portrayals than in the film, however, you will see some similarities. And knowing me I'll probably completely steer off of the course of the original story.


Superman: Fractured RealityIn Progress Novel

Story Parameters
Superman: Fractured Reality

Part 2 in a Trilogy

Story Details

Author: RedKryptonClark aka Erika
Timeframe: Post Smallville/Alternate Reality

Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olson, Chloe Sullivan, Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, The Justice League, Kara, and Lex & Lionel Luthor.

Story Parameters: Action, Romance, Angst, Drama. This story is a sequel.
Length: Novel, In Progress.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Clark Kent has reset time by embracing an alternate universe where he did not save Lana in RECKONING in order to restore balance to the world after Lex Luthor let loose a nuclear weapon that destroyed a large chunk of California and was indirectly responsible for the death of Clark's closest friends including the love of his life, Lois Lane. The Ripple Effects from Clark’s adjusting time will unleash a new enemy upon Metropolis and Earth that Clark Kent is ill-prepared to face…will this reality bring forth a fate worse than the one that he erased?


Moving On

Story Parameters MOVING ON
Author: RedKryptonClark aka RKC_EB Story Details

Rating: PG

Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Pete Ross, Lana Lang, and Jonathan Kent.

Timeframe: Season 10 ; Lois knows Clark’s secret. They are in a fully committed relationship.

Story Length: Short Story

Description: This is a plot bunny that grabbed me when I heard Tom Welling talking about wanting Lana to come back to the show. Even though I loathe Lana, I am a mythos fan, and I would love something like this to happen on the show.

Clark & Lois return to Smallville to cover the town’s centennial. Clark must learn to face ghosts from his past in order to move on with his future.



Goofy Fanfiction


Clark's Pictorial Diary


Story Parameters Clark's Pictorial Diary

Author: RedKryptonClark aka RKC_EB

Story Details

Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane
Story Type: Action, Angst, Drama, Tension
Story Type: Humor
Story Rating: PG-13

Story Type: Humor
Story Rating: PG-13 - mostly because Clark swears a lot in this, I mean he IS thinking of Lois and some mild sexual content, again, we're talking about the thoughts of a teenage alien-boy - LOL!
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, if I did I would never let him leave my house.

Also be sure to look for Clark's special Crimson edition.






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