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Welcome to Unspoken Want

Posted ImageWelcome to Unspoken Want, my main website for storing/hosting all of my creative endeavors. Here you will find nearly a decade worth of fanfiction, fanart, and other assorted fan goodies.

My main interests are Smallville, Star Wars, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Legend of the Seeker, and other assorted TV series and films.

I run a large network of news fansites as well - The Sarah Connor Society, The Confessor and the Seeker Society, Multipleverses, The Entertainment Hotline, and Operation Save Clark Kent.

Please peruse my site, comments are love! If you'd like to leave some comments in my chat box, that would be great, or email me!

All of the artwork and fiction on this site were made for no profit. All images, characters, and situations belong to their respective owners. I do not claim to own them, I'm simply playing in their universes, because frankly, they're more fun than my own :)

My art & Fanfiction ARE my own. My Original Characters are my own. Please respect the artist/writer and do not rehost, repost, or steal my work and claim it as your own. This includes, do not upload my art onto Fanpop, ebay, or other assorted sites, unless they are thumbs directing people HERE. Please use the email above to contact me directly if you locate theft of my work elsewhere online.

Site Updates: 12/12/12

So it's been a while, eh? After a year off on leave I returned to work which means my free playtime got severely cut. My sister's work also has gotten more stressful so I've had to pick up a lot of slack with contributing to our news blogs: multipleverses.com, theentertainmenthotline.net, and our photo forums MV TV& Movie Talk Boards.

You can follow me on Twitter or check my Art Blog for daily updates.

Star Wars Fanfiction Update:

I spent the day today archiving my entire collection of Star Wars Fanfiction stories. All of them are now available to read via PDF. You can read them all HERE!

One day I'll A) Get around to finishing Carida Avenged: Purity Control

B) make new covers for my novels.

Until then - I've been on a roll with making new Star Wars wallpapers - you can peruse my gallery HERE!


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