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My Multi-Genre Artwork

Welcome to my Fanart area! Here you will find my collection of fanart that I've made over the years.

Terms of Use

Any and all of my artwork is free for you to use and download to use for your personal needs.

I do ask however that you follow these simple rules:

1) DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF MY ARTWORK AS YOUR OWN. I have a very unique style to my artwork and claiming that you made it is rude and will likely bite you in the butt when people ask you how you made it.

2) DO NOT REPOST ANY OF MY ARTWORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I spent the better part of an afternoon culling through FANPOP and requested an enormous amount of my artwork to be removed from there. Again, reposting my art is the equivalent of saying that it is your own.

3) DO NOT ALTER MY ARTWORK. This means don’t put text on my walls or avatars and suddenly think that by doing so that it is now your own…because it is NOT. If I didn’t put any text on my avis – they’re not blanks for you to put text on them yourself. Find the images, crop your own avatars and make them yourself if you want to change mine.

4) DO NOT ASK ME HOW I MAKE MY ARTWORK. I spent over 2 years developing my trademark “illustrated” style of artwork. I don’t have any tutorials available, nor do I plan to ever make any. Thank you for enjoying my work, but please don’t ask me how I did it because I’m not telling.

5) CREDIT: Link-backs and credits are nice. I’m always happy for new people to find my work.


Sci-Fi Television Artwork -

Click on links to access my galleries!

Smallville Fanart

Avatars, Banners, Wallpapers, Posters


Supernatural Artwork


Supernatural Avatars

Supernatural Wallpapers

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Avatars, Banners, Posters, Wallpapers

The X-Files Artwork


X-Files Avatars

X-Files Wallpapers

Legend of the Seeker


Avatars, Banners, Posters, and Wallpapers


24, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, Burn Notice, Charmed, Firefly, Heroes, Nikita, Stargate,

Superman: The New Adventures of Lois and Clark, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, V

Action, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Television Series

Being Human

Being Human Wallpapers



RIESE Avatars, Wallpapers, Posters



Friends Artwork

Comedies & Drama Artwork - includes Life Unexpected and The Big Bang Theory


Comedic & Drama Television Series


The Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings Artwork

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Various Sci-Fi Films

Including Indiana Jones, Avatar, Harry Potter, X-Men

Film Avatars & Wallpapers

The Duchess, Elizabeth The Golden Age, Australia, Titanic

Historical Dramas

Comedies and Chick Flicks


Star Wars


Avatars & Wallpapers


Superman the Movie, Superman 2 The Donner Cut


Superman Artwork

Actors & Actresses


Avatars, Banners, and Wallpapers




Featured Wallpapers




Available in sizes:

1680x1050 1280x800

Available in sizes:

1680x1050 1280x800

Available in sizes:

1680x1050 1280x800






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